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Wuzhishan wild vegetables

Release date: 2015-08-20

Wuzhishan potherb formerly known as the deer tongue dishes, also known as malan, revolution, growth in central hainan after years of growth, compared with ShuZaiCai, asparagus bean, the vegetables don't cut in winter, there is no limit to the season, the good kind of tube, local farmers often eat dishes, the taste of it, with its clear XiangNen slippery win the hearts of people. In wartime is Joan longitudinal soldier home cooking, therefore the revolution. As a kind of no pollution, long one of the local unique potherb series easily; Is currently in hainan "natural, wild, green, pollution-free" as the theme to launch a series of wild vegetables.

The medicine of the nutritional value and efficacy: carambola detoxification.

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