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Introduction of the restaurant
Cuisine:Chinese food, western food
Opening hours: Will be subject to the restaurant business hours
Restaurant address: Wuzhishan yatai rainforest resort hotel
Reservation Tel:0898-86667199

Original ecological food, the special local product of preserve one's health, green is not only a way of life, but also a life attitude. Chinese restaurant, western restaurant of the four seasons, the incense chatterboxes quality restaurants of different restaurants, cuisine, "eat" out of fashion and culture.

Specialty restaurant
  • The incense

    Dominated by cantonese cuisine, wuzhishan primitive forest full of delicious Chinese food fashion, interior has modern and comfortable luxury seats, has six elements, each different sizes as VIP rooms, as well as beautiful scenery, believe it will bring you a memorable dining experience. Specialty restaurant is given priority to with pollution-free green food, organic food, five feet pig farmer of choose and buy, in order to ensure the ingredients fresh nature, and matches by the guangdong chefs cooking skills, each dishes...

    Opening hours: 11:00-14:00,18:00-22:00

    Reservation Tel: 0898-86667199

  • 2.jpg
    The four seasons restaurant

    The four seasons restaurant located on the first floor, overlooking the whole center of the hotel swimming pool, garden and the mountain. Dining concept with Chinese and western blends as the core, the menu features Italian cuisine and southeast Asian cuisine, choose imported beef/lamb chop. Select the freshest green food raw materials used in cooking. 1 open type kitchen, cooking Italian meticulously, southeast Asian cuisine, pay attention to food quality, streamline is supreme 

    Opening hours: 07:00——10:30

    Reservation Tel: 0898-86667199

  • 3.jpg
    Chatterboxes quality restaurants

    Rainforest resort only single-family restaurant, in the SPA area, villa and guest room area intersection. Table: 110, superior environment makes the temperament of the restaurant is superior. Both amorous feelings of cigar bar, the leisure books and viewing terrace. Into the quality restaurants, retained the original here, the natural elements, make interior space with a kind of natural and romantic atmosphere, plain but full of anger. You will find here beautiful, is the dream of leisure place. Is a meal of illicit close sex is very strong... 

    Opening hours: 09:00——22:00

    Reservation Tel: 0898-86667199

  • 0431-84958888
  • crm@yatai.com
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