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lvyou.jpg       Wuzhishan city is located in the hinterland of central and southern hainan island, is in central hainan minority nationality settlements, folk of wuzhishan praise, with a statement like this: "less than wuzhishan, not to hainan. Wuzhishan surrounding mountains, lush forests, is the famous "jade mountain city". Its highest mountain in hainan island wuzhishan thus named. Hainan island wan quan river is the largest river originates in wuzhishan city.      Wuzhishan city of hainan province in the central region at the center of the city and traffic hub, the city elevation 328.5 meters, is the highest mountain city of hainan province, around a group of mountains, lush forests, is known as a "jade mountain city". The urban area of 1169 square kilometers, by the end of 2010, about 105000 people in the city. ChangHuaJiang upstream tributaries of south sacred river from east to west winds that flow through the whole city. Here mild climate, tropical mountain climate, warm in winter and cool in summer. Annual average temperature of 22.4 degrees, the average temperature in January 17 degrees, average temperature in July 26 degrees, extreme maximum temperature 35.9 degrees. Flat are annual rainfall of 1690 mm, the extreme maximum annual rainfall is 2810.4 mm, extreme most young rainfall is 1055.5 mm, annual average relative humidity of 84%. Mountain green water show, four spring-like, villa "natural" and "emerald city".       Is the capital of hainan li and miao minority autonomous prefecture is located in wuzhishan, is one of the most concentrated area of the tourism resources of hainan province, is the center of hainan tropical mountain scenery tourist city, part of the six major tourist center system of hainan province. After throughout tropical rain forest, is worthy of the sea of green, warm in winter and cool in summer, the annual average temperature 22.4 ℃, the heat of the average temperature of 22.6 ℃, July cold January average temperature of 16.5 ℃, the rain is abundant, is a great Chinese rare clear heat cold weather resort, here the air clean and dust-free, negative oxygen ion of ten thousand per cubic centimeter of above, and enjoy the "natural oxygen bar" and "tropical cool and refreshing world" reputation, has the unique advantages of leisure and holidaying, recuperate and rehabilitation. This is the birthplace of hainan li miao cultures, li, miao is still maintained the typical national characteristics, embodies the pure sex of minority primitive ecological civilization. Its unique natural landscape, climate conditions and the ethical amorous feelings is famous for its early.       Wuzhishan honored forest resort is located in wuzhishan national nature protection. 223 km away from haikou, drive 4 h, 89 km away from sanya, drive 1.5 h. Sea YuZhong line, water, roads, MAO ShuiNa road constitute the wuzhishan area inside the main ring road system. Township, south SAN, water full in wuzhishan, MaoYang Town for important nodes on the loop. Water full township to Mao Yang about 30 km, to the south SAN about 14 km, about 28 km to wuzhishan city, 81 km from the center line in the planning of highway.
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