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Wuzhishan city is located in the hinterland of central and southern hainan island, is the first mountain, hainan is the symbol of hainan island, also is one of the famous mountains in China, the international tourism organization as a-class tourist spots.Circulating folk of wuzhishan praise, so a words: "less than wuzhishan, not to hainan.The wuzhishan mountain located in central hainan island, ups and downs into a jagged, like five fingers, so its name. After in tropical forests, layer cascade folds, yoho is endless.Major rivers are originated from now on, hainan scenery hand in photograph reflect, constitute a strange magnificent scenery. Wuzhishan forest region is a contains numerous immortal one hundred good tree green treasure house.Mountain scenery and folk customs is the wuzhishan the main content of tourism, there are "one mountain, a forest, a feeling, a city, all the way". Mountain is wuzhishan, a forest is the central part of the tropical rain forest,A feeling is in the middle of the li and miao minority nationalities amorous feelings, a city is the city tourism TongShen, is of the hainan island in the middle of the highway all the way. Mountain, forest, affection, city and road closely, be in harmony are an organic whole.Major tourist attractions in wuzhishan:Tropical rain forest, hainan wuzhishan ethnic museum, seven refers to the ridge, tropical botanical garden, the Chinese nation culture village, wolong mountain, Victoria falls, qiongzhou university, harry ancestralQiongya college jinianting, ying song ling, GanShenLing, national museums and archaize li village, baisha uprising memorial hall, faerie dragon cave, li and miao ethnic singing and dancing promenade, lubricious tourist scenic spot for a holiday.
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