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u=1864908393,1306550051&fm=21&gp=0.jpg "SAN yue SAN" is a traditional festival of hainan li nationality folk, is also called love, li said "fu fu" read. The third of march lunar calendar. Li in March, the purpose is to worship ancestors of the li nationality, and QiZhu farming, hunting, a good harvest. Festival on the same day, li village men, women and children with zongzi and pastries, arrived in wuzhishan area from all directions. Fishing during the day, boys, girls cook grilled fish, then he will sacrifice in one day the princess and guanyin cave mouth, our ancestors. And young men back gun charged the arrow to the mountain forests to find prey, dedicated prey to his beloved girl.When the night comes, built big bonfires river, the girls and boys start celebrating activities. Song, wrestling, tug-of-war, shooting, some people still on the swings. In rhythm and lively melody, li youth dance, jump up DaChaiWu, hunting. Young men and women on one side and talk to each other affection, if the relationship harmony, just giving pledge to each other. Girls will personally weave colorful belt in the waist, young man, young man, wear ear ring on the girl's ear, or the deer bone to do hair hair pin plug on the bun of a-mei, meet next year's festival again.
Folk customs
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