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Characteristic, introduction
Opening hours: Will be subject to the restaurant business hours
Restaurant address: Wuzhishan yatai rainforest resort hotel
Reservation Tel:0898-86667199

Hotel is equipped with grace scene lobby bar, knowledge meaning clear, self-service barbecue rainforest characteristic such as, let you be in landscape between rural still enjoy the convenience of modern life.

  • 4.jpg
    Grace lobby bar scene

    Yi jing is located in the first floor lobby bar, can take in wuzhishan in main and mountain center, swimming pool, garden hotel. 

    Opening hours: 09:30-24:00

    Reservation Tel: 0898-86667199

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    Knowledge meaning clear!

    Located at the 1st floor on the left side of the lobby, to zero distance contact with nature. Table: 60 Qing's features: - quiet bar - the unique quality of the drinks - great flair bartenders - comfortable music 

    Opening hours: 20:00-02:00

    Reservation Tel: 0898-86667199

  • 雨林吧1.JPG
    The rainforest!

    Located at the hotel park open, deep in the woods of 360 degrees of vision bedstead pavilion, with Chinese style hotpot buffet barbecue, and southeast Asia hope in wuzhishan, watch the li and miao toast song and dance, has a rainforest. 

    Opening hours: One day in advance booking

    Reservation Tel: 0898-86667199

  • 0431-84958888
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